We are pleased to welcome you on our info pages.

In the ever-growing consumer society it is important for us to provide individuality and safety.

In our paper manufactury we produce with the  use of  traditional handycraft  and most modern technology the following products:
Handmade papers, die-stamping, papers with positive watermark or negative watermark, watercolour papers, cards and envelopes. Standard and special formats as well as a variety of weights and colours.

Security papers are manufactured according to the requirements of customer. Safety features are for example tailor-made watermarks, hot foil stamping, hologram stripes, incorporated fluorescent security fibers in different colours and properties, paper with and without optical brightener, die-stamping and blind embossing.

All tools for the paper and watermark-production as well as for steel- engraving, embossing and printingwork, are specially handmade. Our well-equiped processing department, ensures that your product needs to leave the house only on the rarest of occasions. This ensures a high degree of security and exclusivity, we do almost everything ourselves.

Editions and capacity:
The manufactory has been growing since 1996 and offers top quality products.
The maximum capacity for the time being is 15.000 sheets per month in the size of 30 x 21 cm.
The speciality is, that we also are able to produce small, and very short runs at the highest level of quality
Minimum amounts are given only for watermark papers (100 sheets) and security papers (500 sheets)